Restaurant Recipes: Secrets for Cooking at Home

I don’t think I know anyone who does not enjoy eating out whether it’s your favourite Restaurant, you are trying some thing new or it’s just a light lunch with friends. We all do it and enjoy the experience.
In the past most people did not even considered the cost but things have changed in the last couple of years. We have to be so much more conscious of our spending. But we do not want to miss out on our favourite meals.

Do you realise that you can save thousands of dollars a year just by learning how to cook many of these Restaurant recipes at home. Before you dismiss the idea just consider the following benefits.

A. You can save up to three quarters and more off the cost of the same meal purchased at a Restaurant. Aside from the food costs you are not paying for Staff, Rent, Advertising, Etc.
B. You can control the quality of the ingredients.
C. You can control the calorie content. Most eating places are not concerned about that but a lot of us are.
D. A Restaurant quality home cooked meal is one of the best ways for a family to bond and be together. All of the family can be together.
E. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you say to them that you cooked that meal.

I can hear you say that’s all right for you but I can’t cook. Well these days if you can make a cup of coffee you can cook a simple meal as many of the ingredients are just about prepared for you.

If you want to cook something a little more special then get hold of a recipe. I am not suggesting that you start with high end French cuisine although even that is not as difficult as they would like you to believe. I found a great place to start was Italian food basically because all of the ingredients are easily obtainable and Italian recipes are not set in stone you can be a little creative.

The most important thing is that you practice before preparing a meal for friends. That way you find out about any pitfalls that don’t come out on the recipe such as some ingredients taking longer to cook than others. The first secret of cooking is to get everything ready at the same time.

I always used to try meals out on my family first it’s much easier to take any criticism from them and it gives you a great deal more confidence if they like the meal. I have found that having a number of dishes that I can cook without even opening a book makes life a lot easier and gives you the ability to experiment with more difficult menus.

Some of us males seem to have a problem with cooking. its seen as not macho or manly but give it a try a lot of the worlds best cooks are men and lets face it we eat most of the food.

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